Wawanesa has introduced a new Water Defence coverage endorsement for habitational homeowner and farm policies.

The Water Defence product includes Overland Water Coverage and Sewer Backup Coverage.  This coverage can be added to eligible policies effective May 1, 2017.  It can also be added mid-term for this year only.

The Overland Water coverage provides protection from water that accumulates on land which is usually dry, resulting from the unusual & rapid accumulation or runoff of water or the rising of, breaking out or overflow of any body of water, whether natural or man-made.  If there is sewer back up and overland flooding at the same time, the overland water portion of the coverage applies, not the sewer back up coverage.  You must have both to be fully protected.  In the event of a claim, Wawanesa will also no pay up to $1,000 to install a mainline backwater valve.

Please contact your broker for more information.