Are you and your belongings ready for the winter months ahead?  Here are some tips to ensure winter safety at home and in your car.

Home Tips

 - Have your furnace serviced and cleaned before the winter months

 - Have your fireplace or woodstove chimney cleaned and checked by a professional annually

 - Keep a winter safety kit on hand, for an example of a winter safety kit follow the link below:

Emergency prepardness kit example

 - Keep clean water and non perishables stored on hand, in case of a prolonged power outage 

 - Keep your stairs, walkways and driveways clear of ice and snow

 - If you are going away during the heating season, make sure you know the requirments of your home insurance provider regarding having your residence checked, water turned off, mail picked up and more

Car Tips 

 - Have your oil and washer fluid changed before the cold weather sets in

 - Ensure you have a winter safety kit on board, for an example of an auto safety kit follow the link below:

Car safety kit example

 - Have your winter tires installed before the first snowfall. For more information on the MPI winter tire program follow the link below:

MPI winter tire program