If you are getting your driver’s licence for the first time, you must be at least 16 years of age or 15 ½ years if you are enrolled in the High School Driver Education program.  MPI requires you to “establish your identity” and obtain a customer number prior to registering in any drivers education program or to book any written or road test. All written and road tests can be booked through our office.

Please review the information in the Establishing your identity section to ensure you have the correct documentation with you when you come to our office to register.
You can also visit http://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/DL/DE/Pages/dr-ed.aspx for all information related to the driver’s education program, including the course finder.

Please note that if you wish to take the drivers education program in a different school division than the one that you are currently enrolled in, you will require written authorization from the administration of that school.

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