If you currently have a Manitoba drivers license you will now be on a multi-year renewal. This means that your license will be valid for up to 5 years. In the non-renewal years, you still need to make a payment. You can make that payment in person, over, the phone, mail a cheque (payable to Turnbull Whitaker; please include your customer number or driver license number so we can apply payment properly). In the renewal year, you must come into the office to update your photo.

Any changes to your drivers license, including address, name, height, etc., must be done in person as a photo is required.

New to Manitoba

If you are moving to the province, MPI requires you to establish your identity. Please proceed to our “Establishing your Identity” section to obtain the information required to begin obtaining your drivers license in Manitoba.

Once you have established your identity we will be able to issue you a temporary drivers license, provided you are from a country with a reciprocal drivers license. If you are coming from a country that does not have reciprocity with Manitoba, you will be required to take a written and road test in Manitoba. Written and road test appointments can be booked through our office. They are taken at any of the MPI service centers throughout the province. You must be in the office to book your written or road test, or send a signed and dated authorization for someone to sign on your behalf.

If you are coming from another province, state or country where you held a valid drivers license, it is important to obtain your driver’s abstract and claims history. This information will help determine where you will be placed on the DSR (driver safety rating) scale, which determines the discount level on your license and your insurance. This can vary from 0-33%, depending on where you are placed on the scale.

Manitoba Identification Card

Manitoba residents can apply for a voluntary, government-issued, secure photo identification card that you can use to prove your identity, age and Manitoba residency. The identification card is not the same as the Enhanced identification card. This card cannot be used to enter the US. This card is perfect for youth ages 12 and up, or people who do not have a drivers license but require government issued photo identification. If you currently have a driver's license but wish to surrender it, you can do so in our office. If you are 65 and over, you can surrender your driver's license and obtain a Manitoba Identification Card for free.
If you have never had a MPI customer number you must “establish your identity” in order to obtain an identification card.

Manitoba Enhanced Identification Card

An enhanced identification card allows a person to cross into the United States by land or water, but not by air. It does not replace a valid passport. The process and information to obtain an enhanced Manitoba Identification card can be found on the MPI website by following the link below.


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