An ORV is a wheeled or tracked motorized vehicle that is for off-road use.  An ATV is an ORV that travels on three or more low-pressure tires and has a seat designed to be straddled and has handlebars for steering.

Registering and insuring your ORV

When you come in to register your ORV we require a completed bill of sale, and transfer of ownership document or the NVIS.

Anyone who drives the ORV more than 5 times in a riding season should be added as a usual driver.  We would require their driver licence number at time of registration.

You automatically get $500,000 third party liability.  In a collision, this covers you against other peoples’ claims for injury or death or property damage.  Additional TPL can be purchased.

You must be at least 16 year to register an ORV and if you are under 18 you need written permission from your parent/guardian.

Optional Coverages:

Accident Benefits: You don’t automatically get injury coverage when registering your ORV.  Accident benefits help cover injury costs resulting from disability, medical treatments and rehabilitation. Benefits are paid regardless of fault. 

Third Party Liability: This offers two-way liability protection against claims someone makes against you for proper damage or injuries and other ORV operators who don’t have sufficient liability insurance to cover your injury claim.

Collision: This covers damage from a collision. If it is a used ORV and you want collision coverage, we need to inspect the ORV at our office. If it is a new ORV, collision can be added within 3 days without inspecting the ORV. If it is after 3 days, we will need to inspect the ORV.

Comprehensive: This covers physical damage from causes other than collision.

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