Commercial truck and trailers are vehicles used to transport business goods belonging to the registered owner for commercial purposes. These vehicles are regulated by the Motor Transport Board under various classes of registration. These classes have recently changed to include Limited-use Commercial Truck, Commercial Truck, Limited-use Public Service Vehicle & Public Service Vehicle. Commercial vehicles may not be used to transport people or property for gain or compensation these must now be registered as PSV. Every truck with a GVW over 6,400kg must display their name on both sides of the vehicle. The name must be at least 2” in height & width. GVW is the combined weight of a vehicle and it’s carrying capacity. A commercially plated trailer must be towed by a commercially plated vehicle; however a commercially plated vehicle can tow a non-commercially plated trailer. Some commercially plated vehicles are required to carry with them a current COI (certificate of inspection), and other commercially plated vehicles may also require a Manitoba Fitness Safety Certificate issued by Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation.

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