Obtaining a MPI customer number is required prior to registering a vehicle in Manitoba, a Manitoba drivers licence is not essential to register a vehicle in Manitoba.  However in order to obtain a customer number you must establish your identity and proof of residency, please review the information in our “Establishing your Identity" section to ensure you bring in all the required documents to be properly set up.

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New Manitobans

If you are a new or returning Manitoba resident, and require insurance coverage on your vehicle, the following information will help you in getting set-up.
Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) is a crown corporation that provides vehicle insurance and registration as well as driver licensing services to all Manitoba motorists. Their insurance product is called Autopac and is available through independent insurance brokers.

Registering a vehicle in Manitoba requires some specific documentation and information:

If you are a returning Manitoban and the vehicle has been previously registered in Manitoba it may not require a new safety inspection if it has been continuously registered outside of Manitoba, however if it has never been registered in Manitoba and has been registered elsewhere even if only for short period of time, a new safety will be required. If you have a safety from another province it may still be able to be used; please contact our office to find out how many days a safety certificate is valid from another province. Inspections can be performed by authorized mechanics throughout the province.

You will also have to provide proof of ownership, which is normally your registration document from your previous province, state or country or the bill of sale if the vehicle has never been registered along with a NVIS (new vehicle information sheet).

A driver’s abstract and claims history from your previous insurer should be obtained. MPI offers substantial discounts to accident- and conviction-free drivers.

You are exempt from Manitoba sales tax providing you owned and registered the vehicle for more than ninety days prior to moving.

Buying A Vehicle?

If you are buying or leasing a new vehicle from a car dealer you will be provided with the following documentation:

  • New vehicle identification sheet (NVIS)
  • Bill of sale

If you are buying a used vehicle privately, you must have the following documents in order to register the vehicle:

  • Certificate of inspection (COI), if one has not obtained in the past year.
  • Bill of sale
  • Transfer of ownership document (TOD). This is found on the back of the registration card, and must be signed by both the previous owner and the new owner.

Provincial sales tax will be collected at time of active registration.

Selling a vehicle?

If you are selling your vehicle privately, you must supply the purchaser with a signed transfer of ownership document and a bill of sale. The purchaser will have to have a valid safety (COI) prior to registration.

It is your responsibility to cancel your insurance once it has been sold. MPI does not automatically cancel when a new owner registers and insures the vehicle. The plates can be turned in at cancellation or you can keep them for use if you purchase and insure another vehicle.

If you have bought and sold a vehicle within a six month period, you will be able to claim back the sales tax paid based on the value of the lower priced vehicle. We have these forms available in our offices.

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